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Barrow at Phoenix Children's Priorities

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital is focused on three core areas of excellence:

  1. Comprehensive and Quality Care
  2. Advancing Research
  3. Supporting Medical and Research Education

Offer Comprehensive and Quality Care

  • Grow specialized multidisciplinary collaborative programs of distinction (e.g., down syndrome clinic, fragile x, concussion, neuromuscular, movement disorders and epilepsy) to address unique needs of  pediatric patients and their families
  • Continue to implement the Phoenix Children’s Medical Group (PCMG) Service Excellence Program at Barrow at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • Improve referral management, care coordination and implement advance practice clinician clinics to improve patient access to comprehensive care and to improve patient satisfaction.

Advance Research

  • Promote clinical and translational research
  • Foster strategic partnerships to enhance multidisciplinary innovative cutting-edge research
  • Publish research outcomes that change the way care of neurological disorders is practiced and delivered

Support Medical and Research Education

  • Promote and expand professional education through seminars and quarterly programs in Concussion, Epilepsy, and Down Syndrome
  • Build on the success of the annual Neuroscience Symposium
  • Promote community education by development of patient and family networks, web-based education, disease and disorder-focused community programs
  • Continue to attract higher level neurology residents and train the specialists of tomorrow 

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