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Survivor Program

Providing expertise in the long-term effects of cancer therapy, including fertility preservation

At Phoenix Children’s, we do more than just treat patients — we celebrate them. Our Survivor Program enjoys long-term relationships with patients as we guide them through the rest of their lives. Our program encompasses clinical care, research and social support. We bring a health and wellness approach to offering patients expertise in the long-term effects of cancer therapy.

Conditions We Treat

See the full list of conditions our Survivor Program team treats. 

More Conditions

Additional Resources

  • Research/Clinical Trials — Did you know there are currently more than 70 open clinical trials available for cancer patients at Phoenix Children's? 
  • Want a Second Opinion? — Chat, call, or complete this form to request a second opinion appointment.
  • Your Child's Hospital Stay — Learn more about our campus services and what you can do to prepare for your visit.

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