Community and Medical Education Multimedia

Community and Medical Education Multimedia


Education for the community as well as medical professionals is a top priority for Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We host and participate in many educational opportunities throughout the year, including medical conferences and topical community events. Here you will find an archive of recordings from past events to view.

Most of our community educational events are presented free of charge to attendees. If you would like to help support our neuroscience education efforts with a donation, please visit the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation page, or contact our Foundation officer Kelly Hurter.

Medical Education Videos 


Robin Blitz, MD:
"Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Training for EMS"

March 2016


Robin Blitz, MD:
"Telemedicine Consult"


Community Education Videos


2016 Hydrocephalus Community Event
October 8, 2016


2016 Epilepsy Education Conference with the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona
March 19, 2016

Introduction by Suzanne Matsumori, Director of Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona
3:14 - John F. Kerrigan, MD, "Epilepsy Overview"
57:27 - Korwyn Williams, MD, PhD, "Emergency Management of Seizures"
1:35:55 - Markia Maris, PhD, "Impact of Epilepsy on Memory and Attention"
2:19:20 - P. David Adelson "Surgical Treatment for Children with Epilepsy"

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