Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics - For Residents & Medical Students


Developmental and Community Pediatrics at Phoenix Children's Hospital are working to improve the quality of resident education in the areas of  child development, behavior and community pediatrics.

It is our hope that this website will help facilitiate an accessable, interactive learning experience for residents during their Development and Community Pediatrics rotations.  

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Contact Information

J. Farabaugh 602-933-0471

4 weeks only; offered year round

Maximum enrollment of 1

Prerequisite: Pediatric clerkship


Goal: The overall goal of the rotation is for the student to acquire basic knowledge of child development and common behavioral disorders found in children.

The following course objectives will help accomplish the overall course goal:

  1. Conduct a Developmental Screening tool including recording information in a concise, complete and organized manner to be able to accurately score the tool.
  2. Gain competence in the recognition, initial evaluation and management of both pervasive and specific developmental disorders.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to critically assess the medical literature and the research methods used to investigate the management of common behavioral problems of infancy and childhood.
  4. Acquire the knowledge and skill required for the accurate assessment of normal development.
  5. Diagnose and manage common behavioral problems of infancy and childhood.
  6. Organize patient care plans that incorporate referrals to other healthcare providers and/or community agencies and resources.
  7. Gain understanding of the complexity of counseling and patient education needed to manage illness and treatment plans in an effective, concise and understandable manner.

Format: Students will  observe and participate in outpatient Developmental Pediatrics clinics including, ADHD Diagnostic Clinic, Down Syndrome Clinic and general Developmental Pediatrics Clinic.  Additionally, students will participate in site visits to community partners, engage in a weekly noon-lecture schedule and independent learning modules.

Evaluation Methods: An attending Developmental Pediatrician will review each Developmental Screen and provide at feedback to the student at the time of the patient visit. The student will have at least one oral feedback session with a Developmental Pediatrician to discuss their progress.

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