Symposium Key Note Speaker 

The 2016 Children's Neuroscience Symposium keynote speaker is Margaret L Bauman, MD who is a distinguished pediatic neurologist and research investigator. 

Dr. Bauman has been a pioneer in the study and treatment of autism for the past twenty-five years.  One of the world's foremost physicians in this field, she is highly respected for the outstanding clinical care she provides, as well as for her research and teachings in the domain of development disorders.  

Renowned for a wealth of clinical and research advances, Dr. Bauman's dedicated career is best exemplified in her establishment and development of The Autism Research Foundation ( TARF), The Autism Research Consortium (TARC), LADDERS (Learning and Developmental Disabilities and Rehabilitation Services) and The Autism Treatment Network (ATN).  Countless professional have benefited from her teaching, leadership, and challenge to excel.  Her commitment, passion, and dedication to advancing the understanding of the biology of autism while promoting and providing the delivery of optimum clinical care define Dr. Margaret Bauman as a world leader in this field.

Dr. Margaret Bauman recently received a lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the field of autism. 

















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