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Families and Adoption: The Pediatrician's Role in Supporting Communication -  This article published in PEDIATRICS provides an overview of differences that may exist between families formed through birth and those formed through adoption. It also illustrates the important role the pediatrician should assume when working with adoptive families.  

Comprehensive Health Evaluation of the Newly Adopted Child - The purpose of this policy statement from the AAP is to provide a general pediatrician with practical guidance that addresses the initial complrehensive health evaluation of adopted children.

The Pediatrician's Role in Supporting Adoptive Families - This article discusses the role pediatricians play in supporting adoptive parents and families.

Preparing Families for International Adoption -  This article describes the demographic, developmental characteristics, and medical changes that can occur with internationally adopted children and also discusses the role of the pediatrician in care and assessment.

Aid to Adoption of Special Kids (AASK) -  AASK is a private, non-profit adoption and child placement organization dedicated to building families through adoption and foster care and supporting them for a life time.

Global Pediatrics -  Global Pediatrics is an international adoption medical support service which specializes in assisting families adopting from the Former Soviet Union.  

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Adoption InformationThe U.S. Department of Health & Human Service's website offers resources and information on all aspects of domestic and international adoption including information for prospective and adoptive parents, searching for birth relatives, preparing children and youth, supporting birth parents, and providing post adoptive services.

The following site provides information on health and development issues relevant to children adopted from other


Foster Care 

Assessment of the Child Entering Foster Care -  This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of assessment criteria and issues that may accompany children in the foster care system.

American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Policy Statement -  The AACAP policy statement on mental health and use of alcohol and other drugs, screening and assessment of children in foster care.

Continuity of Care for Children in Foster Care -  This research article addresses the similarities and differences in care experienced by children in foster care and those that are not.

Developmental Issues for Young Children in Foster Care -  This article from the AAP Committee on Early Childhood, Adoption and Dependent Care identifies the developmental issues present in young children in foster care.

Foster Care Coding Fact Sheet -  This coding fact sheet provides a quick reference guide to bill appropiately for the additional time spent providing care for children in the foster care system.


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