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Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids & Cochlear Implants


The Frances H. McClelland Rehabilitation Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital is made up of a comprehensive team of pediatric trained physicians, nurses, and therapists who care only for growing children. Among the specialties of our rehab program for kids is the Audiology Program - offering services tailored.

The audiologists at Phoenix Children's specialize in the hearing healthcare of children of all ages. With a deep understanding of the difficulties of assessing even the youngest children, we offer audiological treatments based on a meticulous diagnostic process -- to ensure the best outcome for each patient specifically to the needs of each child. As behavioral specialists in audiology, the team also treats children who are difficult to test due to developmental conditions.

Hearing Disorders and Conditions

Phoenix Children's Hospital specialists commonly treat hearing disorders related to:

  • Congenital and genetic disorders
  • Exposure to ototoxic medications
  • Head trauma/skull fracture
  • Perinatal complications, such as anoxia
  • Noise exposure

Cochlear Implant Program

The Audiology Department coordinates a full-service cochlear implant program, from diagnosis and surgery to device fitting and monitoring, as well as rehabilitation services for the child and family.

Hearing Treatments and Services

  • Comprehensive audiological evaluations, including brain stem auditory-evoked response (BAER) studies.
  • Close collaboration with otolaryngology, neuro-otology, speech and language pathology, and psychology.
  • Diagnostic evaluations for NICU patients who do not pass their newborn hearing screening
  • Outpatient screenings for patients who have failed their initial newborn hearing screening
  • Hearing aids
  • Hearing assistive technologies
  • Parent education relating to hearing loss, hearing aids, and cochlear implants

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