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Heavyn's Story

Heavyn is the perfect name for a little girl who has experienced miracles.

Ellie's Story

When a headache is not just a headache.

Brandon's Story

There was no mistaking the crash. It came from the basement, followed by the frantic screams of 3-year-old Brandon Gray.

Makenzie's Story

Just before Makenzie turned 7-years-old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Kaylea's Story

When she was 6, the unthinkable happened to Kaylea.

Natalee's Story

Life as Natalee knew it came to a halt when a CT scan revealed two advanced, malignant brain tumors.

Katy & Mickey's Story

Something was terribly wrong with 4-year-old Katy. Fever and nausea aside, this was more than just the flu.

Tom's Story

The volleyball sailed toward him, and though it was well within his reach, Tom MacKinney couldn't keep it in the air.

Brittany's Story

Brittany Fasnacht's best friend was hit by a care while riding her bike. She wasn't wearing a safety helmet.

Zeta's Story

On the day the prenatal ultrasound showed the sex of their child, the Brabham's also found out about some health concerns.

Chevelle's Story

Chevelle was having constant seizures, but it wasn't until after the MRI that the Onyett's realized the gravity of their granddaughter's condition.

Ethan's Story

Two years had passed, but Ethan didn't appear to be nervous about returning to the familiar grounds of Roadrunner Elementary School.

Claire's Story

At 5-weeks-old, it appeared the Driggs family had a perfectly normal newborn. That was until the day Claire started having seizures.

Kaden's Story

Kaden was diagnosed with Myoclonic Astatic Epilepsy or Doose Syndrome, a rare epilepsy syndrome which is usually drug resistant and can cause cognitive impairment and developmental delays.

Ashley's Story

After being misdiagnosed with a sinus infection, doctors discover Ashley had Viral encephalitis.

Monica's Story

Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA) syndrome is an extremely rare disorder that causes upper gastrointestinal obstruction.

Mazie's Story

When Mazie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a genetic disorder, her mom vowed to fight for her and other families with similar diagnoses.



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