Meet the Team | Audiology | Deborah Flynn, AuD

Deborah Flynn, AuD, CCC-AFAAA, Audiologist, joined Phoenix Children’s Hospital Audiology Team in 1997.  She received her Master’s Degree from the University of Arizona and her clinical doctorate in audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.  She has extensive experience in identification, intervention, and management of infants and children with hearing loss. Her involvement in the Audiology Team includes pediatric audiological evaluations, hearing aids, ototoxic monitoring, evoked potentials, FM systems, and newborn hearing screenings.  Her special interest includes evoked potentials and hearing aids.  Prior to joining Phoenix Children’s Hospital, she provided comprehensive audiological services at the Hearing Institute for Adults and Children in San Jose, CA and was a pediatric audiologist at Children’s Hospital, Boston where she was part of the cranial facial team, central auditory processing team, and autism team. 




Pediatric Audiology Team

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