Providing Education and Creating Awareness During Epilepsy Awareness Month

Peter Balistrieri
Sr. Brand Manager, Phoenix Children's Medical Group

Living Well With Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Blog Relay™ is an epilepsy awareness movement designed to maximize collaboration and eliminate stigma.

The concept is simple. 30 bloggers each post on one day of the month. Some post on their own sites and others post on Living Well With Epilepsy. Each story is on some aspect of life with epilepsy. In each post, participating bloggers acknowledge the blog relay with a link back to Living Well With Epilepsy and to promote the next day’s post.

This month's blog relay theme is: "EPILEPSY AWARENESS: Maximizing Collaboration, Eliminating Stigma." Additionally, each week there's a different "sub theme":

Week 1: Epilepsy in Everyday Life (1-7)
Week 2: Epilepsy and Families: Awareness Matters (8-14)
Week 3: Tech and Innovation in Epilepsy (15-21)
Week 4: Creativity and Epilepsy (22-31)

Our own Dr. Angus Wilfong, a staunch advocate in shedding the stigma of epilepsy, was handed the baton on November 2. You can read his passionate blog here.

Dr. P. David Adelson gets the baton on November 21 and will blog about breakthrough technologies programs like Barrow at Phoenix Children's are employing to cure children of epilepsy.

Please support Drs. Adelson and Wilfong and our pediatric epilepsy program by visiting the blog relay site and commenting on their posts.

Additionally, keep an eye on the Phoenix Children’s social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) throughout the rest of the month for much more Epilepsy Awareness content.


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