Epilepsy Awareness Success + Our Annual Report


P. David Adelson, MD
Director, Barrow at Phoenix Children's
Chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery



Happy December, everyone. Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital had a very busy November with it being Epilepsy Awareness Month. Throughout the month, we focused on spreading awareness on two main subjects – shedding the stigma of epilepsy and utilizing the latest technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric epilepsy. We detailed our latest addition to our treatment armamentarium, stereotactic laser ablation surgery, a minimally invasive procedure pioneered by my colleague and Associate Director of Barrow at Phoenix Children’s, Dr. Angus Wilfong. We also featured a family whose daughter I performed this procedure on and is now nearly 20 weeks seizure free. We also explained other key areas of our program including our pediatric epilepsy monitoring unit, neuromodulation treatment options we offer such as vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) and responsive neurostimulation (RNS) and the ketogenic diet. We are particularly proud of being the only pediatric Level 4 NAEC-accredited epilepsy program in Arizona that can comprehensively diagnosis and treat childhood epilepsy.

If you missed any of our Epilepsy Awareness Month communications, please visit the Phoenix Children's Hospital Facebook Page and look through the month of November. There’s a lot of great information and links within those posts that truly provide insight into the challenges faced by children with epilepsy.

Amidst all of our epilepsy communications, we were also finishing up our latest Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital Annual Report. This year’s annual report describes what we mean by a ‘Center of Excellence’ and also features three fantastic patient stories who only could find treatment at our Institute. These stories highlight the depth, breadth and experience we have here at Barrow at Phoenix Children’s to heal children with neurological and mental health diseases and disorders so that they can live happy and healthy quality of lives. 

Happy Holidays to you all and Happy New Year!

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