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Clinic Appointments  

Please note:  Appointments are made by a referring pediatrician or family physician.

Phone:  (602) 933-0970

Fax:      (602) 933-0469 

Physicians: For referrals, please call our One Call line at (602) 933-DOCS.

Autism Diagnostic Clinic at Phoenix Children's Hospital

Autism Diagnostic Clinic appointments are currently scheduled for Monday mornings for patients under 5 years old. Patients are scheduled for two Monday morning appointments at the resident teaching clinic.

On the intial visit, children are seen by a pediatric resident. On subsequent visits children are seen by Robin Blitz, MD. 

Beth Trevino, MD, Amber Wright, NP, and Jodi Meadows, NP may see new patients for possible Autism diagnosis as well, on any day of the week. For autism evaluations, children are first seen by the nurse practitioner.

 Note: Autism Diagnostic Clinic appointments generally take longer than a routine doctor's appointment. Due to the thorough evaluation by the team, an appointment typically lasts one to two hours.  In addition, your child may be referred to other specialists for further evaluation.

 Please Bring the Following Information to Your Child's First Appointment:

  • Medical history form (English | Spanish)
  • Behavioral history form (English | Spanish)
  • Old medical records
  • School evaluation reports
  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP's)
  • Therapy reports
  • Genetic testing

 If you can send this information to us ahead of time, all the better! All patient forms can be found here: Patient Forms.  If possible please complete and either send forms to us beforehand or bring them with to your appointment. Forms can be faxed, emailed or hand-deliver, if your appointment is soon.  If it is a month away, you can also mail them. Please bring hard copies with you or confirm with Loren Begay the office has recieved your child's information.


Ambulatory Building (B), 3rd Floor

Phoenix Children's Hospital - Main Campus  

1919 E. Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85016

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