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Pediatric Headache Clinic


Headaches in kids are very common. Thousands of children have recurring headaches that restrict their learning and other activities. The specialists at our pediatric-dedicated headache clinic are specially trained to discover the true cause and the best treatment for children experiencing headaches.

Our headache specialists at Phoenix Children's are part of only a handful of pediatric specialists nationwide, serving Arizona and the Southwest.

Up to 90 percent of school-age children report having headache pain. The most common disorder is migraine. Many children experience ongoing or recurring symptoms (chronic headaches/migraines).

The medical team in the Headache Clinic does a comprehensive evaluation to figure out the source of the child's headache and find the best treatment to help kids return to their normal lives.

Why a children's hospital?

It can be difficult for young patients to describe their symptoms. We use unique methods, such as a pain color chart and age specific language to communicate effectively with kids of all ages.

And when your child is treated at Phoenix Children's, they'll have better experiences and outcomes than at an adult facility. The hospital was designed by children, for children, the staff is specially trained to meet the unique needs of growing children, and we offer specialty clinical care, all in one place.

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About migraine headaches


Ambulatory Building (B), 3rd Floor
Phoenix Children's Hospital - Main Campus
1919 E. Thomas Road
​Phoenix, AZ 85016

Our specialists also see patients around the valley. Patients can schedule appointments in the following Phoenix Children's specialty care locations:

Contact us

Phone: (602) 933-0970

Please Bring the Following Information to Your Child's First Appointment:

  • Headache history form (English | Spanish)
  • Old medical records
  • Reports and CDs of imaging studies such as MRI or CT scans

If you can send this information to us ahead of time, all the better! All patient forms can be found here: Patient Forms. If possible please complete and either send forms to us beforehand or bring them with to your appointment.

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