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Tourette and Tic Disorders Clinic


As many as one in five children will experience tics (unwanted sounds or movements) at some point in childhood. For most of these children, their tics are not disruptive or severe enough to warrant medical attention. However, for many children, their tics may severely disrupt their academic and social lives. Michael Kruer, MD, a pediatric neurologist specializing in movement disorders and neurodevelopmental medicine, sees many children with tic disorders through the Pediatric Movement Disorder Center. In addition, many young people with Tourette Syndrome have other conditions as well, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, depression and challenging behavior.

The Tourette and Tic Disorders Clinic at Barrow at Phoenix Children's is a comprehensive evaluation clinic staffed by Dr. Kruer, Randall Ricardi, DO, child and adolescent psychiatrist with expertise in tics and related disorders, and Harpreet Kaur, PhD, pediatric psychologist with experience in cognitive and behavioral interventions. All three are recognized by the Tourette Association of America on the organization's resource list. Through the Tourette and Tic Disorders Clinic, we are able to provide a comprehensive, team-based evaluation for our young patients.

Treatment options include the cognitive-behavioral strategies, medication, comprehensive behavioral intervention for tics (CBIT), and deep brain stimulation for severe, treatment-resistant cases. We focus not only on controlling tics, but helping young people understand their condition and ultimately themselves with support from the greater Phoenix chapter of the Tourette Association of America.

The Tourette Association of America is hosting a medical training conference Sept. 10-11 at Phoenix Children's Hospital!

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Michael Kruer, MD


Harpreet Kaur, PhD


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