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Pediatric Neurotrauma Injury Prevention


Phoenix Children's Hospital's is committed to preventing accidents that cause brain and spine injuries in children. The most common causes of traumatic brain and spine injuries are:

  • Car accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Falls
  • Sporting injuries
  • Child abuse (which can include severe shaking)

Our education and outreach efforts focus on:

  • Learning how to use car seats or booster seats in cars
  • Ensuring that bike helmets are used
  • Preventing falls
  • Sports injuries prevention
  • Coping skills when dealing with crying infants
  • Child abuse prevention and positive parenting

Phoenix Children's Hospital Injury Prevention Programs include:

Kids Ride Safe: This program reaches out to parents about the importance and correct use of car seats, booster seats and restraints. Phoenix Children's partners with "Safe Kids," as well as local fire and police departments to host community car seat checks. Our trained technicians check car seat installations, train parents and, in some cases, distribute donated car seats.

Helmet Your Brain: This program teaches children to get into the helmet habit. Helmet Your Brain program boxes and curriculums are available to teachers and community organizations.

Bicycle “Driver” Education™: Curriculum provided to middle school students across the Valley on how to prevent accidents, cross intersections, obey traffic signals, ride safely at night and make safe decisions in traffic.

Child Abuse Prevention:

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