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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program


Barrow Neurological Institutate at Phoenix Children's Hospital Psychiatric Division offers comprehensive, compassionate mental health care services to children and their families.

The Psychiatry Division staff closely collaborates with families to provide the best care for children and adolescents. Our approach is based on completing a full psychiatric evaluation; taking into account biological, psychological and social factors that play a role in the current difficulties our patients are experiencing and we consider the interaction between all these factors.

We strive to create a comprehensive treatment plan, to address the core and contributing factors identified during the evaluation. We address those factors by implementing or recommending evidence-based interventions, broader than the limited interventions offered by medication use only.

In order to maximize our patients’ potential, we consider the natural resources available in their community and try to optimize factors that will support the resiliency of our patients and their families. Collaboration and close communication with other disciplines and care providers are essential to provide excellent care. We value the role of the education system and collaborate with schools to provide broad recommendations for interventions that may be helpful in that setting.

Conditions Treated

We treat the full spectrum of psychiatric conditions including:

  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Trauma-related effects
  • Psychiatric presentations of medically ill patients
  • Anxiety
  • Mood
  • Thought and impulse control disorders

We also treat children with genetic, metabolic and other medical disorders with accompanying psychiatric symptoms.

Age Limits

At Phoenix Children’s, we are committed to providing exceptional care for children who need these services. To qualify for admission for inpatient psychiatric treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, children must be age 12 or under.

PROVIDERS: Please ensure that patients you refer to the Phoenix Children’s Emergency Department or Inpatient Psychiatric Unit are within this age range.

Contact us

Phone: (602) 933-0990

What can you expect on the first visit at the ambulatory service?

Prior to your visit, you will receive a packet to fill out about your child. The information includes developmental, medical and surgical information, information about family history and the issues your child is having difficulty with. You will check in on arrival at the clinic, and a Medical Assistant will do your child’s vitals.

Your initial visit with a psychiatrist will be approximately 50 minutes long. During that time, he/she will gather information from you, review information already available and discuss treatment options with you.

You will receive a next appointment prior to leaving the clinic. The number to call for urgent matters (602-933-0990) will be provided and you will receive information on what to do if an emergency arises.


Ambulatory Building (B), 4th Floor
Phoenix Children's Hospital - Main Campus
1919 E. Thomas Road
Phoenix, AZ 85016

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