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FAQs for Hospitalization


How do I get my child admitted to the hospital?

Answer: Children who are in need for acute maintenance of safety due to psychiatric illness need to be evaluated at an emergency room to assure acute safety. Once your child is evaluated and deemed to meet criteria for inpatient admission, your child will be admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit. For everyone’s safety, your child should be taken to the nearest emergency room for an evaluation.

What can I expect when my child gets admitted?

Answer: As the guardian, you will need to be present for the admission process. You will fill out a questionnaire about your child and the nursing staff will review the information with you. Your child will be seen within 24 hours by a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The clinical social worker or psychiatrist will contact you for further information, will arrange a time to meet with you, and the psychiatrist will get your informed consent for any new medications that may need to be prescribed.

What will happen with my child while he/she is on the unit?

Answer: The stall will collaborate in the evaluation process, and will gather data from you to create an individualized treatment plan for your child. He/she will take part in interviews with medical, social work, nursing and milieu staff, will take part in groups and will attend a very limited school program, aimed at gathering more information about what difficulties he/she may experience.

How will I be involved in my child’s care?

Answer: Staff will provide you with feedback about your child’s progress, you will have in person and telephone meetings with staff, and you will be informed of medication changes as they occur. You will collaborate with staff to create a discharge plan that best meet you and your child’s needs.

What will happen at discharge?

Answer: You will have follow up appointment in place for your child’s further care, you will have a prescription(s) if your child is talking medication(s), you will received information about steps to take if a crisis situation arise, and you will be provided with information about your child’s condition. The Emily Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital is available as well for a wealth of information and assistance in regards to obtaining information for you and your family.

What are the age limits for admission to the inpatient program?

Answer: At Phoenix Children’s, we are committed to providing exceptional care for children who need these services. To qualify for admission for inpatient psychiatric treatment at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, children must be age 12 or under.

PROVIDERS: Please ensure that patients you refer to the Phoenix Children’s Emergency Department or Inpatient Psychiatric Unit are within this age range.

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