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Pediatric Psychology Program


The Pediatric Psychology Program at Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital provides psychological assessment and treatment for children, adolescents, and young adults with a diverse range of medical, psychological, and developmental disorders that impact thinking, feeling, and/or behavior. Collaboration with the families of these children is an essential part of helping our patients return to optimal functioning.

Assessment of behavioral and emotional aspects of illness can be conducted on outpatient or inpatient basis to help the child, the family, doctor, and teacher to understand the adjustments to the child’s medical and emotional condition and to explore options for intervention.

Barrow at Phoenix Children's medical professionals want to help the whole child. Our pediatric psychologists are the experts at understanding the developmental, emotional, and behavioral needs of children and their families.

Pediatric psychologist John L. Barton, PhD, ABPP, works with the comprehensive treatment program at Barrow at Phoenix Children's that offers individual, family and group therapy.

The pediatric psychologist works with the family and medical team to develop an individualized plan, using evidence-supported treatments, to initiate and sustain behavior change.

The Pediatric Psychology Program has a staff of 10 psychologists, who collaborate with other members of the medical staff to provide excellence in patient care and clinical research. The staff regularly works with a wide range of patients, from children with chronic pain, diabetes or kidney problems to children needing inpatient medical services.

This interdisciplinary cooperation means your child's treatment plan is developed by experts in many different field such as the Pain Team, G/I, hematology, CARE clinic, fatty liver clinic, neurology, nephrology, oncology or psychiatry to provide the comprehensive care your child needs to get better faster.

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