Translational Research


Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital recognizes that excellence in clinical care is interdependent with excellence in research. In order to diagnose, treat and prevent neurological diseases and disorders we need an extensive base of knowledge. This knowledge is gained through medical research. Basic research is research that happens in the laboratory. To continually improve care Barrow at Phoenix Children’s Hospital has three research laboratories: Epileptogenesis, Neurotrauma, and Neuro-Oncology.

Translational basic researchers evaluate the nature of circuit alterations that underlie acute neurological conditions. Researchers focus on the acute phase in which circuits are dismantled, followed by the chronic phase of circuit reorganization. By understanding the processes of circuit dismantling and reorganization, we can develop therapeutic interventions (pharmacological, rehabilitative, restorative, and regenerative) to mitigate neurological conditions. 

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