Meet the Research Team


S.Danielle Brown, RN, MS, CNRN, Director of Clinical Research and Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD, Director of Translational Neurotrauma Research bring more than 20 years of experience in neurotrauma research, with expertise from intracellular to behavioral outcome measures in the laboratory and clinic. They are supported by a diverse team of clinicians and neuroscientists at the faculty, post-doctoral, coordinator, nurse, resident, graduate, masters, medical student and undergraduate level. The neuroscience research team continues to serve on National Institute of Health, Veterans Administration, DOD, state and foundation scientific review boards. They serve as editors, members and councilors of regional, state, national and international societies. Together, the research program is positioned for continued success in bringing new knowledge to the clinical care for those suffering and living with neuro-related disorders and neurotrauma.


P. David Adelson, MD
Director of Barrow at Phoenix Children's

S.Danielle Brown, RN, MSN,CNRN
Director of Clinical Research

Jonathan Lifshitz, PhD
Director of Translational Research

Jorge Arango, MD
Senior Research Scientist

Stephen T. Foldes, PhD
Research Assistant Professor


Clinical and Translational Research Team

John F. Kerrigan, MD

Michael Kruer, MD





Angus Wilfong, MD

Theresa Currier Thomas, PhD

Frederick A. Willyerd, MD


Research Administration Team

Jennifer Harper, Research Coordinator 

Brian Burrows, Research Coordinator

Chris Hampton, Lab Assistant

Thomas Naughton, Contracts Manager

Jan O'Neil, Administrative Assistant

Sajitha Puthalath, MPharm, CCRP, Research Coordinator

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