P. David Adelson, MD
Director, Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital
Chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery 

"One practices the 'art' of medicine when science does not [yet] provide the answer."

P. David Adelson, MD, 2009

What are the treatment options for my child’s epilepsy? What’s considered a traumatic brain injury? Will my child’s headaches ever go away? What does a diagnosis of autism mean?

In the neurosciences, there are lots of questions, and hopefully, many answers that we can provide in your care or the care of a child or family member. But there are times when there are not many answers. This is the art of medicine when expertise and experience are utilized if there is not enough "science" to be absolutely confident in the diagnosis or the best treatment.

When it comes to treating children and adults with neurological-related disorders and diseases, parents and family members often have many questions, having to sort through what is known and what is the best guess. What are the data to support the options available? Or there is very little that is known?

Sometimes it is very difficult to find the best place to get information on each individual disease or disorder, a place to go to explore the options. What do we need to know to make a decision and sometimes what we need to know throughout the process of care and, hopefully, cure?

In our ever-growing digital world, there are also many physician and medical blogs out there. What makes this one different? Why come here?

We at Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital evaluate and treat some of the most complex and complicated neurological, mental health and behavioral disorders and diseases in children and adults. We are passionate about what we do, and we want to share with you our experiences and accurate information about a variety of neurological topics.

Our goal is to provide you, our readers, with the updated science, diagnosis, treatment and outcome expectations, as well as what is still “the art in medicine” and health care. The more information you have, the better you will feel in making the sometimes-difficult decisions and to be the best advocate for your loved ones.

NeuroBLOGical is a blog for everyone, but we’re speaking directly to parents, families and community members as well as healthcare providers. You can expect to hear from our expert physicians who work in the various neurological, behavioral and mental health fields where we will try to cover the gamut of topics that you care to learn more about.

If you have suggestions for blog topics or questions, please send them to barrow@phoenixchildrens.org, and we will find an expert to provide more information to you and the readers of this blog.

Please also note that the information shared here is not a substitute for professional health care and should not be used in place of treatment. It should serve as a starting point for you to seek out more information, more science and the best care available.

P. David Adelson, MD
Director, Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's Hospital
Chief, Pediatric Neurosurgery
1919 E. Thomas Rd. | Phoenix, Arizona
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