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Programs & Services

Scoliosis Program

What are the treatment options?

  • Observation: For patients with mild scoliosis, this is often the best treatment. Patients are monitored by our team with diagnostic imaging tests every six months.
  • Bracing: An option for children who have scoliosis and who do not require surgery
  • Surgery: For those patients with severe scoliosis

Long-term comprehensive care

Surgery for scoliosis is less common than you think. But if a patient’s condition warrants it, we make sure they get top care — for the long haul. Once our doctors decide a patient is a good candidate for surgery, they undergo an initial evaluation and get invited to a pre-operation visit that gives an overview of the procedure and a tour of the facility. Post-surgery, a patient returns in two weeks for a follow-up appointment. After that, the child will only have to be seen once a year through high school.

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